Marty Lab Members

The PI

Dr. Michael T. Marty, Ph.D.MTM

Michael Marty received his undergraduate degree from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota with majors in chemistry and mathematics. He proceeded to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a Springborn Graduate Fellow under Stephen Sligar. He worked to interface lipoprotein Nanodiscs with mass spectrometry in collaboration with Michael Gross (WUSTL) and photonic microring resonators in collaboration with Ryan Bailey (Michigan). He also developed new techniques for formation of heterogeneous Nanodisc libraries in collaboration with William Klein (Northwestern).

After completing his PhD in 2013, he performed postdoctoral research with Carol Robinson at the University of Oxford. Here, he developed UniDec software for deconvolution of mass and ion mobility spectra. Applying UniDec with high-resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometry, he discovered that membrane proteins ejected from Nanodiscs retained a full annular belt of bound lipids. He joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona in 2016.

Assistant Research Scientist

James Rohrbough

James joined the group in Fall 2017.


Henry Sanders

Henry joined the group in January 2021 after completing his PhD at the University of Adelaide with Prof. Tara Pukala. Henry is working on native MS of amyloid proteins in membranes.

Graduate Students

Deseree Reid

Deseree is a Chemistry PhD student. She joined the lab in Fall 2016 and is in the chemistry PhD program. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Montana in 2012 and spent four years working in industry before deciding to pursue a PhD. Outside of the lab, she enjoys powerlifting, painting, and the sport of fencing.

Marius Kostelic

Marius is a Chemistry PhD student. He joined the lab in Fall 2017.

Guozhi Zhang

Guozhi is a Chemistry PhD student. She joined the lab in Fall 2017.

Julia Townsend

Julia is a Biochemistry PhD student. She joined the lab in Spring 2019

Hiruni Jayasekera

Hiruni is a Chemistry PhD student. She joined the lab in Fall 2020.


James Keener James Keener

James is a Chemistry PhD student. He joined the lab in Fall 2016 and is in the chemistry PhD program. Born and raised in Fresno, California, James received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Merced in 2015. In 2016, he moved to Tucson and began research in the Marty Lab. His research focuses on using native mass spectrometry and lipoprotein nanodiscs to study membrane protein-lipid interactions. In his free time, James enjoys hiking, playing games, and ultimate Frisbee. He completed his PhD in December 2021 and is off to a postdoc at the University of Texas Austin. Good luck, James!

Carolanne Norris

Carolanne joined the lab in Spring 2019 and completed her masters in Chemistry in 2020. 

Jessica Diesing

Jessica joined the lab as an undergraduate in Fall 2016 and continued on through her masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology, which she completed in 2019.

Dane Zambrano

Dane Zambrano is an undergraduate studying Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at the University of Arizona.  Her current project in the Marty lab involves characterizing lipid exchange between Nanodisc complexes and looking at how supercharging and charge reducing reagents affect the stability of Nanodisc complexes. Dane wants to get her Ph.D. in Biochemistry so that she can further her interests in drug design and drug development, especially in the areas of kinase inhibitors and GPCR structure and function.

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew joined the lab in Summer 2016 and graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology and a B.A. in Biochemistry. His Senior Capstone focused on designing membrane scaffold proteins and using them to assemble Nanodiscs for native MS. Outside of the lab he is often busy perfecting his award-winning homebrew or tutoring his fellow Wildcats in a variety of subjects.